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Online pharmacies have been working in many cities all over the world. Demand for them is explained by the fact that it saves time and sometimes money, and also it is a way to avoid standing in queues in local stores.

It is noteworthy that in a number of countries sale of medicines via the Internet is prohibited. The reason for distrust to Internet pharmacies is a frightening statistic. For example, in the EU 50% of drugs that are realized through the Internet are fake.

In Canada, drugs trade via the Internet well fits limits of the law, though with restrictions imposed by general medicine sales rules. However, MPs have said about the need to follow the example of other countries and ban distant sales of medicinal products. According to parliamentarians, the risk to buy counterfeit medicines through the Internet is also quite large. But mostly, it concerns areas that offer delivery of goods over long distances by mail.

In this article, we ask ourselves regarding pharmacies essentially the same question that was asked about products and clothing: can we find and order online all necessary medicines and completely abandon usual trips to the city shop? And, of course, we will consider what conditions of work for online pharmacies are, what advantages and disadvantages of buying medicines in this way than in traditional drugstores are.

Regular pharmacies are found almost on every corner, while their online competitors (with express delivery) can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Though, calling them competitors is not entirely correct. An online pharmacy is a business area of traditional drugstore chains, seeking to catch up with time.

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Online pharmacy: 100% best choice

As always, take a look at the situation through the eyes of the user. This time we use Google and type “online pharmacy Canada”. Merrion Pharmacy is the best option among the results.

The company offers more than 300 items of goods. It includes four major commodity groups. The first consists of actual medicines – prescription and non-prescription (mainly Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). This category is represented the most widely. The second group – a variety of supplements. The third category «Parapharmaceutics» includes items such as inhalers, hygiene products, medical cosmetics and so on. Finally, the fourth category includes medical products – medical devices.

To make an order, you need to register on the website, find the necessary product in the catalog (or several items) and send it to the shopping cart. The buyer leaves his contact details, the manager contacts him to discuss the time and place of delivery. You can order delivery by courier or by mail.

At the same time, you can’t book Rx drugs to your home in any legal online pharmacy with no prior prescription, because by law such drugs are allowed to be sold only in offline drugstores on prescription. If the online store sells any drugs without scripts, it surely runs its activity illegally and drugs obtained there can damage your health considerably!

Thanks to the online store, Merrion Pharmacy was able to reduce costs associated with the retail sale of medicines by 10 – 15%, which ultimately affects prices, which are also 10 – 15% lower than in regular pharmacies and stock.

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The site states that the buyer can refuse from products delivered to him in cases when items do not conform to ordered, damaged as a result of a violation of packaging integrity or non-compliance of packaging to contents and transfer conditions (with exception of requirements for temperature conditions). In this case, products may be returned only upon delivery.

The online shop offers its customers the opportunity to get expert advice. To do this, you need to dial a specified phone number on the website, in some cases, you can contact the consultant by e-mail or ask a question online in the feedback section.

So, let’s draw conclusions. Online pharmacies may well provide essential drugs. Prices and assortment in them are more than competitive. The risk to buy a fake is not higher than in regular pharmacies since we are talking about licensed legal reputable online pharmacies, whose operations are controlled as well as work of regular pharmacies. It’s all about personal preference: someone is more convenient to go to the pharmacy, ask questions, especially if detailed consultation is necessary. If a buyer knows more or less what he wants to buy, online shopping becomes much easier. But overall online pharmacies may well replace regular ones.

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