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How To Store Your Medication?

Very often, medicines purchased for the treatment of any diseases or symptoms remain unused. And, as a rule, the first-aid kit is made up of such medicines. How to maintain the quality and safety of medicines at home? After all, medicine is not a thing or a product, but a specific product. Storage conditions should ensure the safety of medicinal properties of drugs throughout the shelf life. Many drugs spoil when exposed to high temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. Dear readers, Merrion Pharmacy gives you recommendations on the storage of medicines that will help you to maintain the quality and safety of the purchased products.

Viagra – A Cost Effective Solution

To purchase Viagra, you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. It is not necessary to go to a medicine store and ask for drugs to treat male impotence. Today, you can purchase this medicine from an online pharmacy that will give you a valid bill, as well as high-quality and brand, assured drug. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy can be the ultimate choice for picking up all kinds of drugs for your use. Why try Viagra? Viagra (or Sildenafil) is a popular drug for men which is used to treat male impotence (also known erectile dysfunction). However, this drug cannot cure erectile dysfunction completely.

Important Information About Antibiotics

For thousands of years, mankind has been exposed to infectious diseases that were the main cause of death. In 1929, English microbiologist A. Fleming discovered the first antibiotic, penicillin. This was one of the most outstanding discoveries of the 20th century. A new era has begun in biology and medicine – the era of antibiotics. Since the 40s, drugs that kill or impede the growth of microorganisms have been widely included in medical practice. The ability of antibiotics to successfully fight fatal infectious diseases was perceived as a panacea. Unfortunately, the number of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms is steadily increasing every year. This is largely due to the fact that many people use antibiotics at their discretion. Merrion Pharmacy has prepared some things you must know about antibiotics before you start treatment.

Things To Know About Internet Pharmacies

Online pharmacies have been working in many cities all over the world. Demand for them is explained by the fact that it saves time and sometimes money, and also it is a way to avoid standing in queues in local stores. It is noteworthy that in a number of countries sale of medicines via the Internet is prohibited. The reason for distrust to Internet pharmacies is a frightening statistic. For example, in the EU 50% of drugs that are realized through the Internet are fake. In Canada, drugs trade via the Internet well fits limits of the law, though with restrictions imposed by general medicine sales rules. However, MPs have said about the need to follow the example of other countries and ban distant sales of medicinal products. According to parliamentarians, the risk to buy counterfeit medicines through the Internet is also quite large. But mostly, it concerns areas that offer delivery of goods over long distances by mail.

Signs of Reliable Drugstores

Today, online pharmacies are a very common phenomenon. That is a convenient and speedy process, however, many potential buyers are afraid of being deceived by fraudulent websites, which, unfortunately, do exist. In this article, we will determine the features of reliable online pharmacies and consider the example of Merrion Pharmacy. Common signs of a trusted online pharmacy The store has a 24-hour work schedule. It is good to know in advance that the drugstore works at night so that you can visit it in emergency situations; Low prices. The pharmacy should have a good price policy. Pay attention to various discount programs, bonus systems, promo codes – this can save a few percents of the cost. Typically, they can be found in large pharmacies; Legitimate Canadian pharmacies online have a good pharmacist who works for them. The chemist does not have the right to prescribe anything to you, but he can tell you about the assortment of drugs, offer medicines analogs, give professional advice; Reliable online pharmacies have a large assortment of medicines. A good pharmacy not only cooperates with different suppliers but also constantly seeks new ways to expand its range. Therefore, in such pharmacies, you can find usual drugs and rare…

What Is the Future of Online Pharmacy Websites?

Every year Internet turnover increase by approximately 30% and one of the most dynamic areas is online trade. Online trade with medicines, on the one hand, seems to be quite a promising business, but, on the other hand, is questioned by a predominant number of buyers. To carry out state control over online pharmacies is difficult, therefore, in spite of effective for 6 years law, banning sales of medicines via the Internet with their delivery to buyer at home, making Internet network a reliable place to buy drugs is not yet possible.