Signs of Reliable Drugstores

Signs of Reliable Drugstores

Today, online pharmacies are a very common phenomenon. That is a convenient and speedy process, however, many potential buyers are afraid of being deceived by fraudulent websites, which, unfortunately, do exist. In this article, we will determine the features of reliable online pharmacies and consider the example of Merrion Pharmacy.

Common signs of a trusted online pharmacy

  • The store has a 24-hour work schedule. It is good to know in advance that the drugstore works at night so that you can visit it in emergency situations;
  • Low prices. The pharmacy should have a good price policy. Pay attention to various discount programs, bonus systems, promo codes – this can save a few percents of the cost. Typically, they can be found in large pharmacies;
  • Legitimate Canadian pharmacies online have a good pharmacist who works for them. The chemist does not have the right to prescribe anything to you, but he can tell you about the assortment of drugs, offer medicines analogs, give professional advice;
  • Reliable online pharmacies have a large assortment of medicines. A good pharmacy not only cooperates with different suppliers but also constantly seeks new ways to expand its range. Therefore, in such pharmacies, you can find usual drugs and rare products such as asthma inhalers – Advair Diskus, Ventolin, Proventil and other items that are not sold in other pharmacies. Remember: before buying a drug online, you ‘d better consult a doctor since some medications have contraindications and side effects.

What should you pay attention to?

  • After choosing the drugs, the customers will be offered to choose a payment method – Visa, Mastercard or E-Check. There are several payment options in reliable pharmacies: Visa, Mastercard, E-checks and so on;
  • Then they have to choose the delivery method – express delivery or regular delivery;
  • The buyer has the right to get a refund in the case of non-delivery or wrong drug delivery.
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If you use the services of reliable Internet pharmacies, you will get numerous benefits:

  • online orders are placed without any queues;
  • lower prices;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • no need to leave the house;
  • regular discounts on drugs, sales, promo codes, coupon codes;


Some fraudulent websites can steal money from buyers only on the condition that these same customers allow them to do so. It is necessary to take some nuances into account:

  • Do not make purchases on unfamiliar websites with a minimum of information about the seller;
  • Check the license of the company;
  • Make sure the company has a good reputation – read reviews and comments of the previous customers;
  • Do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions.

How to choose an online pharmacy? Today you can make the right choice at home. Visit different local medical forums, thematic topis, read essays on this topic, and visit the websites of the online pharmacies themselves.

What does the online pharmacy’s website look like?

  1. The main page of the site does not contain intrusive commercials, links to other websites;
  2. The home page is laconic and simple, contains a search bar for entering the desired drug and a search icon;
  3. Contact Us section contains the company’s addresses, email, and mobile phone numbers;
  4. The schedule of work, shipping methods, payment options, “how to order drugs” information is clearly indicated.
  5. The front page contains a license.

An example of the classic website of an online drugstore is Merrion Pharmacy. The company gives you a maximum of information, even if you refuse to purchase.

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